Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Art of Train Jumping

I have decided to open up an entirely new line of posts dedicated to what I'd term "Train Jumping." As you might have guessed, this art involves bypassing, fooling, confusing, and in some cases, enraging public servants in metro stations and conductors/drivers on/in bus, shuttles, rail, tram, metro by refusing/pretending to purchase/possess a valid travel ticket/coupon/pass at the designated location/time. Out of necessity, desperation, boredom or just plain laziness to find the exact change or your 2-months-old-and-probably-expired ticket lying somewhere in the claustrophobic and uncomfortable pockets of your trousers, this art is difficult to learn, easily discouraging and, once mastered, might just be frustratingly local. The rewards minimal, the consequences dire, and with public disapproval constantly weighing down, the train jumper must maintain a clear vision of his objectives and his responsibilities. He is usually a loner, and traveler, a companion of the oppressed and a fervent critic of the authority. He might also just be a thief, a beggar, an unemployed party or other related members of the so-called "disgraceful" demographic makeup of our societies. Whichever description among these that best fits you, I wish you a pleasant read through these posts and good luck with first of all defining yourself, and consequently how you can go about achieving a respectable knowledge of train-jumping.


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