Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Last Samurai (Shall We ドリーンク。)

Finally something interesting happens in my Japanese class. We were divided into groups of 4-5, and must come up with a movie clip making use of many grammatical points we have learned throughout the semester. Our group was obsessed with the idea of a psychotic samurai getting drunk in the pub, that I got assigned the samuraic role. Here is a very rough version of the script that explains the raison d’être of this lonely warrior. I mean, c'est la comble! Bullied by his comrades and rejected by the girl of his dream, our protagonist sets out to avenge the world that has so cold-heartedly abandoned him to a nightmarish childhood stuck in the country of the weird obsessionist-otaku behaviors.

Japanese Movie Script
Samurai Subpart



私 :やめて。やめてください。




私  :じゃぁ、喉が渇きますね。お茶でも飲みませんか。


十年前: じゅうねんまえ: ten years ago
子供の時: こどものとき: when I was a kid
寂しい: さびしい: lonely
悲しい: かなしい: sad
親切: しんせつ(な): kind
優しい: やさしい: gentle
私: わたし: I
一人で: ひとりで: alone
泣く: なく: to cry
ご飯を食べる: ごはんをたべる: to eat (rice)
大好き: だいすき: like
喉が渇く: のどがかわく: get thirsty
お茶を飲む: おちゃをのむ: to drink tea
用事がある: ようじがある: to have errands to run
侍に成る: さむらいになる: to become a samurai

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