Saturday, September 30, 2006

Header thinkpiece

How is this for a header?

This is done "simply" by print-screening a text line of font .TMC-Ong Do in Open Office, pasting to paint and resizing. I'm not fond of big programs that you can't even touch.

Up until here, it was my own ideas. Then I googled around for a touch of perfection. bloggerstatusforrealbeta provided the ultimate answer.

Then I got bored of Ông Đồ font. I found some Vietnamese thư pháp fonts instead, which are similar but cooler. These forms have been simulated from the ancient art of writing by the joint effort of Vietnamese computer and calligraphy experts. In the end, I opted for HL Thuphap 1BK upgrade. The result is quite satisfactory, as you can see in my header.

This is definitely not the end...when I get my hands on the school's photoshop I will see about adding background images.


tau said...

hey kid, you're making me go back to blogger. ennalax is up and running =)

tau said...

[the comment came out quite weird now htat i'm reading it. regardless, i'm weird, so, i guess it can be as well]
did you go to 1735km? if yes, i want to hear about your impressions...
ok, now i'm gone. for real.