Sunday, September 24, 2006

More updates

Have-done and in-the-process-of-doing list:
- Swam through the quagmire of css, xhtml, blogger and java editings. Wish I were a CS major.
- Inserted a link to Maria Ozawa's blog...YESS!!
- Contented with Lilia Ahner's Beckett's template...for now!
- Realized that the css and js files are on a different server. Put a mental note to myself to get them into the source ASAP
- Added a customized search button
- Installed Johan's tagging script
- Submit[ting] my first tagged post!
- Starving to death

To-do list:
- Integrate css/js files into my source [Update: encountering enormous trouble, namely page lay-out distortion and columns breaking down!!]
- Get a FREAKING CALENDAR into the blog! Veerle's one looks pretty sweet.
- Get the tags listed onto the sidebar [Update: done. But I cheated. I used blogger's internal search system to simplify the problem...But now I think I will try freshtags instead. Oh yeah...I'm going for the jackpot: a category drop-down box!]
- Other customizations to come (i.e. do something about that lame header)
- Do my fucking homework!