Wednesday, September 20, 2006

blog rationale (English)

This post is to give you a general idea about who I am, and what I am going to post in this blog. Expect this rationale to constantly undergo modifications as time goes along and new interesting issues come up.

I'm universally known across the net as Jubinell. Some times I'm also known as danorma5, but now the two have merged into one. I'm a college student studying in the US. I hate the US. I pretend to be politically active but at the bottom of things, I'm just dogmatically liberal, anti-imperialist, anti-US and anti-protectionist. I would love to argue with you about the nature of things, but for now, let's leave my political ideals as they are.

I speak three languages more or less fluently: Vietnamese, my native tongue; English, my educational medium; and French, my entertainment / hobby / obsessive-compulsive-you-could-call-it language. I'm also madly in love with Japan. I have started taking Japanese lessons. But it will be long until I can fully communicate myself in 日本語.

Therefore, this blog will be expressed most of the time in one, or some combination, of these four languages.

I have three main in-depth interests: food, movies, and music. I will frequently post very specific topics in these three areas. The food posts will really start when my digital camera arrives. The movie section is what excites me the most. I'm hoping to cover a wide range of films, mostly towards the independent / unknown side of cinema. The music stuff contains discussion of tab, in-depth music history, worshipping the piano and the guitar etc. In addition, I'm also very interested in current news, politics/economics and pretty much anything that concerns the three countries with which I'm madly in love.

In all, I will try to narrow down and be extremely specific and technical in the aforementioned subjects, as to keep the content worthwhile and beneficial to the public. But nobody can live without everyday life rants, so expect some amount of senseless posts that just sounds like they're coming from a 13-year-old.

That is all. Have fun blogreading.