Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Introduction to Senior Symposium

Welcome to...

My Woodstock,

A Diligent Mind

A Preface...→

A life, a youth, never ending, never satisfied.
Half a decade of peace and war, of love and hate, of disbelief and faith, of hope and despair...
of light and darkness.
It's a diligent mind, always restless, always doubtful, selfish and compassionate, greedy to attain pleasure for both itself and humanity, a diligent that accepts no limits, a diligent mind that knows no boundaries.
And here it is, it its most general form, fifteen pieces, fifteen aspects, fifteen colors of the same spectrum.

1) In the beginning
- a confused mind at this fearful arrival scene
2) Seasons of Life
- a reflective mind watching the seasons of WS
3) This Endless Walk
- a lethargic mind on an eternal path
4) The population of India
- a witty mind in arts
5) My Hand and Me
- a haughty mind who learns to accept
6) The Golden Prince
- a sarcastic mind through a vilanelle
7) What did I take with me?
- a simple mind at work
8) The Last Goodbye
- a passionate mind in love
9) A Dew that Laughed
- a beautiful mind and nature
10) God
- a rebellious mind in thoughts
11) Closing Time
- a doubtful mind in thoughts
12) A letter to a Friend
- a hopeful mind and the future
13) Before Death takes you from it
- a final mind and Life

Hotblooded Ecstasy
- a hungry mind in demonstration
(have it hot, preferably by an oven)
A Song for Life
- an inspirational mind
(listen to it while feeling the other minds)

Try to follow the order given (except for the last two items)
Enjoy the minds...!

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