Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Senior Symposium

So today I cleaned up the library in my house. Nói là clean-up, nhưng thực ra là get all of my shit together and throw most of it away. I found some of my I-20s, a couple W-2 forms, and a whole bunch of odds and ends. And then I found the entire collection of my High School writings, I mean it must have been like 5 kgs worth of paper. Crazy. Nostalgia.

Among them, I found my Senior Symposium, a set of 15 writing pieces that I made during the last weeks of my senior year. Reading them made me cry. The past has a funny way of making us look stupid by secretly creeping up on us and biting us in the neck when we least expect it.

Then I told myself I have to post these writings up here, because if I'm gonna remember my five years in India at all, it has to be through these writings.

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