Monday, January 15, 2007

Senior Symposium # 3 - This Endless Walk

T l k
h d e l
i n s a
s e s w

Mornings up, evenings down,
chapels, exams, from town to dorm;
freezing snow, maddening storm,
still “up you go!” the norm would say.

I know by heart the way:
Monkeys, the leaves, the hays in rows
The chowkidar below,
amidst a land unknown he stands.

I wish to be content
be satisfied and bend with life.
And yet, this path, a strife!
A hopeless road, exile, really.

Mondays, run hastily
to catch the assembly on time
Sundays, something sublime
Chapel awaits, a crime if fails.

I'd rather be a snail
to walk at ease and wail little
than be in the middle
of a mad race that goes around.

Mornings up, evenings down,
this endless walk astounds the world.

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