Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Senior Symposium # 10 - God

Who is God? Where is God? When is God? What is God?

And most importantly, why is God?

It sounds absurd. People talk faith and live faith. They die for the one called God. For him they can kill the most innocent soul. For him they can forgive the most terrifying monster. Why? The question has battled the minds of great philosophers of all time, worn them inside out, and driven them to insanity. Despite the lack of scientific proofs, the notion exists unchallenged until today.

True Christians argue that there is a God because who else could have created this beautiful universe. Furthermore, humans have far fallen from innocence and in their desperate attempt to be loved and accepted, they must seek a source of unconditional grace and mercy, which cannot be found among other humans. This leads them to God. He is like the “ground” concept in Physics: it remains neutral no matter how many electrons are taken out and given in, infinite even. In this way, God soothes the avaricious human appetite that knows no depth in wanting happiness and pleasure. Admitting that they are infinitesimal in the grand scheme of the human destiny, they degrade themselves, bowing down trembling and praying wildly for forgiveness. They call it humility and modesty. I call it cowardice and shame.

Humans are horribly flawed, that is an inevitable fact. Yet just because a person not able to excel in a field, does that mean he must submit to someone else who does it at ease? God is perfect and we are not. So what? While he sits on his glorious throne in a joyful heaven, we run life's hurdles, and we fight and lose and die. While he preaches patience, love and faith, he never really experiences them because he has no flaws. The human race deserves to be in heaven more than he does, by the way we live, struggle, wonder and accept defeat. We are the chosen creatures; we are the precious pearls of the universe which shine a holy light after countless refinements and adaptations. We are the ones.

One day, God will descend from the sky and tell us: “I forgive your sins and trespasses. Now bow down to me and I will take you to heaven. Else you know where you'll go.” Even the most notorious gangster will collapse in fear and speak mechanically of love and faith. Yet there just might be an anonymous guy, a guy who is normally uncaring and indifferent, who replies thus: “No thanks. I like my life the way it is.” To hell he will go, but to humans the fighters—not humans the pleasure seekers—he will be their new God. He deserves it more than anybody else.

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