Monday, January 15, 2007

Senior Symposium # 5 - My Hand and Me

Oh please! Will you STOP flipping that pen? I mean it's the middle of a class for God's sake. Here it goes again, around the middle finger, down across the palm and...up, BEND THE INDEX FINGER! Oops, too late. Where did that pen go? I hate to bend down. It's so hard to maneuver in that tiny space under the table. It's a pain.

Everybody is looking at me with accusatory eyes. It wasn't me! It's the hand's fault. Well, actually no, it doesn't make any sense. Sorry...maybe it was the lunch that has crapped my brain.

Saw that? You almost got me into trouble. It's always YOU! Have you ever done anything good? Say what, you make music? Oh please, on the old piano and the almost-broken guitar. The students don't appreciate those long, tedious pieces of that, how do you call it, Baroque period. And the talent show, you are just lucky. People get excited at times and don't know what they are screaming at; otherwise you'll be of no use except to flip that pen back and forth.

What about me? I'm not sure how much I bring to this place, but certainly more than you do. I make people laugh, well...not ALL the time, sometimes...OK, at least I try to, all right? And then I help my friends do their homework. I mean explain things to them when they don't understand. See, now THAT'S real help. What? You're saying that they don't appreciate, that they're just bored of my babbling? What nonsense, of course they like me, certainly more than a useless hand that can't even cook. Remember that time you made my friends vomit when you put raw eggs into the wai wai? Now that's pretty embarrassing. I wish I have never had you.

What's that? An essay? Unbelievable! This teacher thinks she's all that. All right, let's start. Hey you! Get your butt up and start working. We've got an essay to write man. What? What do you mean “I don't feel like it”? I didn't ask you to feel anything. You are in my control and you do what I say, alright? Now pick up the pen! Oh come on, hurry up! She's looking at me...I don't think she likes this scenario. OK, P.L.E.A.S.E...! I'm sorry about what I said, alright? That was just a joke. I beg you, little hand, I was wrong. Yes, we must live together. Only then can we contribute wonderful things to this school. Please forgive me. Right, thanks man. Now pick up that pen will you? That's right. OK, we will present what we can produce together. Here it goes: I think, you write. Yep, like that. Your swift movement is so beautiful. Capture that magnificient mountain, and early morning, the brilliant sky. I love it, how the words and phrases flow, one after another, in perfect harmony. Soon another hard-worked piece will be completed, and we both can be happy, that, whether it's a description of nature, an argument for a belief, or an explanation of an idea, the people can see that we can understand and sympathize, feel and express, appreciate and repay. That's the most wonderful contribution a student can make to his school.

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