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Read me for Vietnamese-French Lexicon [eng]

Instructions for the Usage of
the Lexicon of Vietnamese words borrowed from French

1) Disclaimer
The Lexicon of Vietnamese words borrowed from French, as far as both idea and content are concerned, is fully my original work. Naturally, various sources have been consulted in the making process thereof, and I continually take inputs from third-parties, with proper citations via the comment system, as I further my studies thereon. The nature of these sources/inputs are such that
1) they are in the public domain from a legal standpoint,
2) I take no responsibility for their accuracy, and
3) I am unable to disclose their identity.

All in all, I am able to neither account for nor verify the authenticity of the lexicon.
Use at your own risk.

2) Format
The Lexicon is in the format:

[vie]: [frn]: [eng]

where [vie] denotes the Vietnamese word of concern, followed by the French word from which [vie] derives its existence, [frn], followed by the English definition of [vie], denoted by [eng].

Hence, two things to keep in mind: 1) the French word is not necessarily the translation of the Vietnamese word, and 2) the English word is not necessarily the translation of its French counterpart, as origin in no way implies equivalence of meaning.

Sometimes, words in brackets have been added for clarification purposes. Take advantage of them if needed.

In rare cases, two Vietnamese entries share the same French root. In such a case, this sign will be displayed:
redirecting the searcher to the appropriate term.

3) Usage
The lexicon is alphabetized by Vietnamese entries. Please make use your browser's searching capabilities as the primary tool to look up words in the three languages available.

When in difficulty, try a combination of the following:
1) Input another spelling.
2) Eliminate the usage of - (dash). The dictionary is built on the principle that these words are now a part of the Vietnamese language, hence are not transcribed with dashes in the way that recent foreign words are.
3) If you're looking for scientific terms, especially chemical names, simply don't.

4) Further Development
Feel free to contribute via the comment system. I NEED YOUR HELP! When I get enough entries I will load the lexicon onto wikipedia. I'd appreciate it very much if you:
1) Verify the authenticity of your entries.
2) Pre-format your entries to the style mentioned in 2) Format.
3) Try to post as many entries in one comment as possible.
4) Provide ANY additional suggestions. I am pretty much in shallow water at the moment.

I am also working on the etymology of the words, as to one day elevate the lexicon to the status of a dictionary. It will not yield any significant results soon. But we'll see.

~Francophiles of the world, unite!

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